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President's Message

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On behalf of NECO Foundation and our orphanage in Nepal, we wish you a “Happy Nepali New Year”

Thank you
for your thoughts, prayers and generous contributions during this past year. We fully understand your sacrifices during these economic times of uncertainty.

This year we extended our care to 18 children. But due to the world economy, our contributions have not met expectations. Therefore, we’re being forced to cut back on our expenses and programs for the children, even though we are ‘bending our energies” to the best possible use. To be frank, if our income does not increase soon we may have to change our English-medium school to a less costly government school and even return some of the children to their villages. Yes, it is that serious. We hope that does not happen as we’ve made so much progress in the development and education of these precious children.

Difficulties continue. Expenses have skyrocketed due to inflation and government mismanagement . Our costs have literally doubled. Government water taps has been cut forcing the children to walk over one mile round trip to fill water containers for drinking, washing and bathing. And electricity power cuts are 12 hours per day, and rising.

Good news! we’re starting a big brother, big sister type of program, where each child will have a mentor.

Please help today if you can.

For NECO Foundation and Nepal Children Orphan Home

Bishow Bhatta



Nepal Children Orphan Home
A Bahá'í - Inspired Orphanage Founded 2006


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